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Make and Give: Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day

With bold infographics, bright colors, and modern design, the thirty-five projects in this book are unique and inspiring. Covering a wide range of techniques, from simple prints and sewing to paper cutting and painting, both beginner and advanced crafters will find something to create. Whether it is a candy necklace for your child, a nickname handkerchief for your best friend, or a desk surprise for your coworker, these crafts are easy, fun, and meant to be shared with the people you love.

“Make & Give is fun, approachable, and upbeat. It’s chock-full of clever (and affordable!) projects that prove just how exciting and easy do-it-yourself gifts can be.”—Grace Bonney, author of Design*Sponge at Home

“I’m thrilled to have this book as a part of my library. The projects are sweet and thoughtful. They remind you that making something for someone else really is the best feeling ever.”—Joy Cho, Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!

“Make & Give not only offers a drool-worthy collection of amazing crafts, but it’s also beautifully designed and organized, which makes it a great gift itself. A+ to the crafty duo!”—Sarah Goldschadt, author of Craft-a-Day and Pom-Poms!



Use the following prompts:

1. Play a piece of classical music and write the film scene that the music could be used to score.

2. If you were to create a soundtrack of your life, what songs would you include? Why?

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