Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

By John Powers
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ISBN: 9781559398350
This is the most comprehensive and authoritative introduction to Tibetan Buddhism available to date, covering a wide range of topics, including history, doctrines, meditation, practices, schools, religious festivals, and major figures. The revised edition contains expanded discussions of recent Tibetan history and tantra and incorporates important new publications in the field. Beginning with a summary of the Indian origins of Tibetan Buddhism and how it eventually was brought to Tibet, it explores Tibetan Mahayana philosophy and tantric methods for personal transformation. The four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Bön, are explored in depth from a nonsectarian point of view. This new and expanded edition is a systematic and wonderfully clear presentation of Tibetan Buddhist views and practices.
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"The vitality of Tibetan Buddhism in exile has exceeded anything anyone could have predicted; hence the need of a book that presents its history, doctrines, lineages, practices, and tantric essence in a comprehensive and cogent way. John Powers' Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism does this!" —Huston Smith, Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University

"Presents the wide spectrum of Tibetan Buddhism in clear, concise form with Western methodology and critical appreciation. This work beautifully elucidates the nature of the complex religious and philosophical disciplines of Tibet." —Lobsang Lhalungpa, author of The Life of Milarepa

"Every Buddhist Studies major worth his or her salt is most likely familiar with John Powers' Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, an essential text in college classrooms throughout the country. The revised edition is now updated to reflect political developments, fresh resources, and shifting theoretical perspectives. . . . Comprehensive, yet succinct, . . . with a jargon-free, straightforward style that makes learning a pleasurable pursuit." —Tricycle

"The work remains one of the best single-volume introductions available." —Ashe Journal

"A comprehensive and eminently comprehensible overview. . . . Powers' substantial Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism . . . is able to discuss even the most complex aspects of Tibetan Buddhism in a straightforward and engaging manner. . . . He conveys the drama of the history of this multifaceted tradition, . . . while his descriptions of Tibetan geography architecture give us a vivid picture of life in Tibet." —Booklist

"The best single-volume introduction to Tibetan Buddhist practice and culture." —Library Journal

"Articulate, superbly organized and presented, Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism is thoroughly reader-friendly and an excellent, highly recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library collections." —Wisconsin Bookwatch

"This book is an excellent entry-level approach to the subject." —Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

"With the current crisis in Tibet, John Powers' book . . . offers a timely chronicle of Tibetan history geography, culture, religion, politics, and Buddhist orders. . . . Encompasses a broad scope, including beautiful descriptions and details on the uniqueness of the Tibetan people." —Reviewer’s Bookwatch

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