Learning Classical Tibetan

A Reader for Translating Buddhist Texts
By Paul G. Hackett
 - Hardcover

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Snow Lion
Pages: 664
Size: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 9781559394567

Designed for both classroom use and independent study, Learning Classical Tibetan is a modern and accessible reader for studying traditional Buddhist texts. Unlike other readers of Classical Tibetan, this is a comprehensive manual for navigating Tibetan Buddhist literature drawing on a monastic curriculum. Utilizing the most up-to-date teaching methods and tools for Tibetan language training, students learn to navigate the grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and style of Classical Tibetan while also engaging the content of Buddhist philosophical works.

Chapters consist of a contextual introduction to each reading, a Tibetan text marked with references to annotations that provide progressive explanations of grammar, cultural notes on vocabulary, translation hints, notes on the Sanskrit origins of Tibetan expressions and grammatical structures, as well as a literal translation of the text. The reader also includes study plans for classroom use, discussion of dictionaries and other helpful resources, a glossary of English grammatical and linguistic terms, and much more.

This reader can be used in conjunction with Paul Hackett’s expanded edition of his well-known Tibetan Verb Lexicon. Using a clear and approachable style, Hackett provides a practical and complete manual that will surely benefit all students of Classical Tibetan.

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"What a fantastic collection of interesting texts, study aids, and unusual remarks about the ins and outs of the language and culture that all expand and distill the essence of the Classical Tibetan language. And what a wonderful layout!" —Jeffrey Hopkins, Professor Emeritus of Tibetan Buddhism, University of Virginia

"In Learning Classical Tibetan, Paul Hackett provides a welcome and much needed sourcebook for the study of classical Tibetan Buddhist literature. Drawing on his decades of experience as both translator and teacher, he has prepared a primer of readings from diverse authors, genres, and historical periods, all organized in a graded system of levels from introductory and intermediate to advanced. Each reading is paired with a systematic annotation of relevant grammatical structures, important vocabulary and technical terminology, and translation tips and strategies. This will be an invaluable textbook for instructors in the classroom as well as those wishing to study on their own.”" —Andrew Quintman, Associate Professor of Religion, Wesleyan University

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