Living in the Face of Death

Living in the Face of Death

The Tibetan Tradition
By Glenn H. Mullin
 - Paperback



Snow Lion
Pages: 240
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559393102
Whereas Western society views death as the last taboo, the Tibetan tradition incorporates meditation on death into everyday life. Tibetan Buddhists believe that a conscious awareness of one's own impermanence allows a person to live a happy, fulfilled life. Over the centuries, the Tibetans have developed a wide-ranging literature on death, including inspirational poetry and prose, prayers, and practical works on caring for the dying. This fascinating book presents nine short Tibetan texts. Important writings by the Second, Seventh, and Thirteenth Dalai Lamas and by Karma Lingpa, author of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, are included. It covers topics such as meditation techniques to prepare for death, inspirational accounts of the deaths of saints and yogis, and methods for training the mind in the transference of consciousness at the time of death.
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"The translations of the nine texts sparkle with such clarity that the multi-faceted gems of Tibetan Buddhist belief shine boldly." —Publishers Weekly

"This is a practical and easy-to-understand read, a series of signposts to that doorway we must all pass through to our next life. It goes a long way towards transcending the negativity that Westerners attach to the implacability of impermanence and death." —Mandala Magazine

"Whether one is ardently attempting to make sense of the death and passing of a loved one, or wishes to delve into the conditions surrounding what will be the exit from the world of consciousness as we ourselves know it, this collection of concise writings is a marvel and an aide. . . . Mullin as compiler and editor shares with us many insights of some powerful and evolved Tibetan teachers and masters. . . . Excellent writings that need to be part of the library on the impermanence of our lives for those with the desire for understanding." —New Age Retailer

"Living in the Face of Death is intriguing reading for those looking towards death with honesty and could do much to improve one's life." —Bookwatch

"This profound collection of Tibetan Buddhist writing on the subject of death and transcendence is a gorgeous initiation into the thoughts shared by those that follow this religion/set of beliefs. As a whole, the collected works are easily digestible and clear in their impact. The writings bridge a gap between Eastern and Western thought on the subject of death." —The Feminist Review

"Through the intense efforts of the author in this book, we have been provided with a remedy to face and overcome the dreaded and taboo topic of death . . . . There is tremendous insight into the insurmountable hurdle and fear of death provided by some of the renowned Tibetan Dalai Lamas and other writers." —East and West Series

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