Meditations to Transform the Mind

Meditations to Transform the Mind

By The Seventh Dalai Lama
Translated by Glenn H. Mullin
Edited by Glenn H. Mullin
 - Paperback


Snow Lion
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559391252
The Seventh Dalai Lama wrote extensive commentaries on the Tantras and over a thousand mystical poems and prayers. Meditations to Transform the Mind is a highly valued collection of spiritual advice for taming and developing the mind.
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"An outpouring of Himalayan spirituality, a unique presentation that appeals to the heart as well as head. . . . The Seventh Dalai Lama's spiritual writings are direct and arresting, giving clear advice on the essence of Buddhist practice. Glenn Mullin provides a valuable and fascinating introduction to each piece, making them even more accessible." —Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies

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