Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet’s Great Yogi
By Chogyam Trungpa
Edited by Judith L. Lief
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    Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet’s Great Yogi

  • Shambhala Publications
    ISBN: 9780834840737
    He went from being the worst kind of malevolent sorcerer to a devoted and ascetic Buddhist practitioner to a completely enlightened being all in a single lifetime. The story of Milarepa (1040–1123) is a tale of such extreme and powerful transformation that it might be thought not to have much direct application to our own less dramatic lives—but Chögyam Trungpa shows otherwise. This collection of his teachings on the life and songs of the great Tibetan Buddhist poet-saint reveals how Milarepa’s difficulties can be a source of guidance and inspiration for anyone. His struggles, his awakening, and the teachings from his remarkable songs provide precious wisdom for all us practitioners and show what devoted and diligent practice can achieve.
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    "Trungpa Rinpoche’s expansive take on the traumatic and colorful life of Milarepa as a template for our own lives takes the reader on a roller-coaster journey through ancient Tibet—and our own inner depths. If you are already a practicing Buddhist, this book will give you strength. If you are not, it will inspire you to get started as soon as possible." —Norman Fischer, Zen priest, poet, and coauthor of What Is Zen: Plain Talk for a Beginner’s Mind

    "How wonderful that Trungpa Rinpoche’s teachings on Milarepa have been gathered and presented in this way. This book will both interest and delight anyone wishing to explore the fascinating stories of Milarepa and other Tibetan masters from a practice perspective." —Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

    "In his trademark insightful and inspiring voice, Vidyadhara Trungpa Rinpoche here offers a true feast of wisdom nectar that distills the life and lineage of Milarepa, the greatest master of Tibet, to illuminate how we can transmute our lives into pure dharma. This volume is captivating, poetic, contemplative, and enlightening—all in one." —Tulku Thondup, author of The Heart of Unconditional Love

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