Path of the Bodhisattva Warrior

Path of the Bodhisattva Warrior

The Life and Teachings of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama
By Glenn H. Mullin
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ISBN: 9781559397667

Throughout his life the Thirteenth Dalai Lama (1876–1933) stressed the importance of combining spirituality with a bold approach to worldly affairs. Known to the Tibetans as simply the “Great Thirteenth,” he provided successful political leadership in difficult and turbulent times, and perfectly exemplified the Mahayana ideal of the bodhisattva warrior.

Path of the Bodhisattva Warrior brings into English for the first time many of the most important writings and talks of this astounding statesman and spiritual leader. Included are his “Heart of the Enlightenment Teachings,” “Sermons at the Great Prayer Festival,” “Guide to the Buddhist Tantras,” as well as his writings on the Hayagriva Tantra and various meditational practices. Glenn H. Mullin unfolds the dynamic life of this Dalai Lama in an intriguing and comprehensive biography, uniquely based on eighteen primary sources, Tibetan and Western.

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