Pirate's Passage

Pirate's Passage

By William Gilkerson
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ISBN: 9780834826571
Nova Scotia, 1952. Not exactly the place you’d expect to run into pirates. But an old mariner, his boat driven ashore in a gale, brings with him enough stories about buccaneers and their lore to make it seem that he must have had firsthand experience of the pirate life. But how is that possible? Captain Charles Johnson’s uncanny knowledge of seamanship’s dark side fuels the imagination of the young boy he befriends, setting the boy on his own journey of mysterious adventure.
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"A thrillingly exhilarating adventure and glorious coming-of-age story, rich in both imagination and history, in perception and truth. I couldn't put the book down." —Donald Sutherland

"A palimpsest upon Treasure Island, William Gilkerson's beguiling creation, Pirate's Passage, has everything: irresistible characters, richly textured history, humor, suspense, and adventure. Steeped in wit, philosophy, and mystical ambiguity, it takes a maverick approach to history. A challenging children's novel with a dangerous edge, Pirate's Passage is a work of genius. . . . This novel will be read by readers of all generations." —Canada Council for the Arts

"Gilkerson weaves the history of Western piracy into a suspenseful story of precarious friendship and trust. . . . Pirate enthusiasts, prepare to settle in for a deliciously unsettling adventure." —Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Wonderfully authentic. . . . Vividly brings to life the dark and violent world of the pirates of the Caribbean." —David Cordingly, author of Under the Black Flag

"A wonderful adventure, with everything you could ask for: pirates, stolen cannon, secret passages, sea voyages, and scurvy knaves. I heartily recommend this book to the piratically-inclined reader of any age." —Garth Nix, author of The Seventh Tower and Keys to the Kingdom series

"This marvelous tale crashed over me like a great wave, submerging me in a gleeful yarn of adventure, intrigue, and memorable characters. Pirate's Passage creates its own kind of ship—and I advise any readers who enjoy a rollicking good story to climb aboard." —T. A. Barron, author of The Great Tree of Avalon

"Captivated, my imagination bound hand and foot, I was shanghaied by Pirate's Passage." —Washington Times

"Full of intrigue and fascinating history—once you start reading Pirate’s Passage, it’s hard to stop." —VOYA

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