Practicing Peace

By Pema Chodron
 - Paperback


Shambhala Publications
Pages: 104
Size: 4 x 6
ISBN: 9781611806137
Can there be hope for a peaceful future in times like these? How can we overcome our sense of helplessness when problems seem so big and tensions so strong? Pema Chödrön here shows us how to look deeply at the underlying causes of these tensions and how we really can create a more peaceful world—by starting right where we are and learning to see the seeds of hostility in our hearts. She draws on Buddhist teachings to explore the origins of anger, aggression, hatred, and war, and offers practical techniques all of us can use to work for genuine, lasting peace in our own lives and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.
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"A solid reinforcement on how to stop the reflexive and habitual emotional reaction to perceived hostility." —Publishers Weekly

"In her timely new book, Pema Chödrön offers her insights on the origins of world conflict. Anger originates in our own hearts, she asserts, not on the battlefield. Only by checking our aggression on a personal level can we hope to sow the seeds of peace." —Body & Soul

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