Restoring Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Lives

Restoring Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Lives

Guidance and Reflections on Recovery from Eating Disorders
Edited by Aimee Liu
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    Guidance and Reflections on Recovery from Eating Disorders

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    ISBN: 9780834827417

    Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Despite what you may have been led to believe, most people with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder are able to completely restore their health and well-being. But how does this happen?

    Author Aimee Liu has woven together dozens of first-person accounts of recovery to create a break-through roadmap for healing from an eating disorder. Restoring Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Lives answers key questions including: How does healing begin? What does it feel like? What supports and accelerates it? Will I ever be free of worry about a relapse?

    Throughout the book are informative sidebars written by leading professionals in the field, addressing essential topics such as finding the right therapist, the use of medications, exploring complementary treatments, and how family members can help.

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    "Liu puts each of these intimate letters into helpful contexts, so that current sufferers may learn from their peers. With clinical notes and information on new and unique approaches, Liu’s effort offers something for everyone affected by this issue, whether personally, peripherally, or professionally. It clearly shows that relief from suffering can be found in the stories of other sufferers." —

    "A terrific book with a compelling interplay between the perspectives of professionals and the stories of people who have successfully recovered from eating disorders. Highly informative and a great read." —B. Timothy Walsh, MD, Columbia University Medical Center

    "This book establishes new ground by walking the reader through the entire recovery process, from the initial turning points at the start of the odyssey to reclaiming one’s life after an eating disorder." —Judith D. Banker, former president, Academy for Eating Disorders

    "I’ve read countless books about eating disorders, but I’ve never seen one like this. Combining the professional wisdom of leading experts with personal experiences from women and men all over the globe, this book fills a gap on the recovery bookshelf. Anyone who has been touched by an eating disorder needs to read this." —Jenni Schaefer, author of Life without Ed

    "An honest and often painful account of how ED can rob you of yourself, with a central focus on the realistic and complex process of recovery. The reader is able to intimately delve into the mind of a person with an eating disorder and examine his/her feelings at each point of the recovery process. Liu gives the gift of feeling the feelings, sharing the thoughts, and being aware that recovery looks different for every single person. As a parent, this is invaluable. The book gives me cautious, realistic hope for my daughter." —Lauren Calig, mother of a child with an eating disorder, writing for the National Eating Disorders Association’s newsletter

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