Since its inception, Shambhala Publications has specialized in books that present creative and conscious ways of transforming the individual, society, and the planet. With that in mind, we have launched an initiative to minimize our environmental impact through responsible choices in our book production process and day-to-day operations.

As a publisher, the biggest environmental challenge we face is in the amount of paper used to produce our books. Whenever possible, we now print our books on Glatfelter’s “Natures Trade Book Papers,” which is sourced from responsibly forested trees and produced with 30% postconsumer waste. For every ton of this paper (approximately 1,500 books) that replaces traditionally sourced paper, we save 1 ton of wood, 5 million BTUs of energy, 630 pounds of CO2, 2,625 gallons of wastewater, and 337 pounds of solid waste.

In addition, we've implemented a few sustainable best-practices in our office. These include:

  • Utilizing energy saving and power management tools on electronics
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly business supplies whenever possible
  • Lighting our office with CFLs and turning off lights when they’re not in use
  • Using double-sided printing
  • Adjusting thermostats for optimal energy savings
  • Providing staff members with Shambhala tote bags as a reusable alternative to plastic and paper bags
  • Diverting waste from landfills by recycling all applicable materials and educating employees on responsible disposal of hard-to-recycle materials


Shambhala recognizes the importance of sustainable business practices. We will continually strive to reduce our environmental impact and review our policies regularly to see how we can improve. With everything we do, we hope to raise awareness—with oneself and the world.