A New Translation

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  • CD (04/08/2008)


    A New Translation

  • Shambhala Audio
    ISBN: 9781590308639

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    This classic of twentieth-century literature chronicles the spiritual evolution of a man living in India at the time of the Buddha—a journey of the spirit that has inspired generations of readers. Here is an audio edition of a fresh translation from Sherab Chödzin Kohn, a gifted translator and longtime student of Buddhism and Eastern philosophy. Kohn's flowing, poetic translation conveys the philosophical and spiritual nuances of Hermann Hesse's text, paying special attention to the qualities of meditative experience.

    5 hours, unabridged.

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    "Filled with timeless truths and told so beautifully with images that burn deep into your being, Hesse's novel speaks powerfully to every generation of spiritual seekers. A fresh translation of Siddhartha that offers greater authenticity than any other translation—while still preserving the unique beauty of the original prose." —Branches of Light

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