Spinning Inward

Spinning Inward

Using Guided Imagery with Children for Learning, Creativity, and Relaxation
By Maureen Murdock
 - Paperback



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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 176
Size: 7.5 x 10.5
ISBN: 9780877734222
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If you have ever wished you could show children and teenagers how to enrich their lives with meditation and visualization, this book will delight you. It presents simple exercises in guided imagery designed to help young people ages three through eighteen to relax into learning, focus attention and increase concentration, stimulate creativity, and cultivate inner peace and group harmony.

The use of guided imagery has been internationally recognized as an effective method of "whole brain" learning. The author's approach will have special appeal to parents and teachers who are frustrated by an educational system that seems to reward only those children who excel at verbal, linear learning. With the exercises in this book, young people can discover learning styles that are effective and enjoyable for them. These techniques of guided imagery offer adults as well as children a unique way to tap the wealth of creativity and wisdom within.

News & Reviews

"If you have a child, deal with children, or simply are interested in doing guided exercises that are pure and simple to the point of being elegant, then please consider this book. It is as much for and about us adults who need to regain our lost childhood as it is about us adults teaching children how to actualize their power. The children are our future. With people like Maureen at the helm, we can all breathe a little easier about what kind of world they will inherit." —Meditation

"Maureen Murdock has made a valuable contribution to our growing awareness of the importance of imagery in children, and gives invaluable outlines for the stimulation and development of it. Murdock's work should be fundamental to education, not stuck in the 'enrichment' category. Our brain thinks in imagery; imagery is part and parcel of symbolic-metaphoric thinking, on which all higher intelligence is based. This book will surely be on my recommended list to parents, teachers, and everyone interested in development." —Joseph Chilton Pearce

"Spinning Inward can be the critical event in children's lives, as it gives them ways to open to potentials of mind and body that will greatly enhance their capacities for learning and discovery. This is a book to be used again and again in home and school and wherever one wishes to avail oneself of rich and exciting exercises to expand human possibilities." —Jean Houston, Director, Foundation for Mind Research

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