Tales of the Turquoise

Tales of the Turquoise

A Pilgrimage in Dolpo
By Corneille Jest
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Snow Lion
ISBN: 9781559399944
In the early spring of 1961, Dr. Corneille Jest undertook a three-week circumambulation of the valley in the company of Tibetans visiting temples, shrines, and sacred mountains. His companion Karma, an elderly nomad from Western Tibet and a gifted storyteller, punctuated the journey with traditional tales and his own reflections. Charmingly written, colorful, and engaging, the narrative transports the reader to a world of Tibetan spirit in ways not readily accessible to outsiders.
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"The old wise man Karma is a treasure store of ancient stories all retained in his mind and heart. His contribution to the theme of the book is a shining example of Tibetan spirit having its root in ancient Tibetan custom and culture. The book also serves as a code of conduct when one visits Tibetan Buddhist places and people." —Tibet Journal

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