The Taoist Classics

The Taoist Classics

The Collected Translations of Thomas Cleary

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The Taoist Classics (Volume 1)
 - Paperback
The Taoist Classics (Volume 2)
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The Taoist Classics (Volume 3)
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The Taoist Classics (Volume 4)
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Many know the Taoist tradition by way of Lao Tzu’s famous Tao Te Ching, but few are aware of the wealth of texts composed by Taoist masters throughout the ages. This four-volume collection brings together the most foundational teachings and centuries of philosophical reflection within the Taoist tradition.

 Volume one contains:

  • Tao Te Ching, Taoism’s most widely celebrated text written by legendary author Lao Tzu
  • Chuang-tzu, stories, fables, and anecdotes from one of Taoism’s earliest exponents
  • Wen-tzu, further teachings attributed to Lao Tzu
  • The Book of Leadership and Strategy, on the art of leadership and social dynamics
  • Sex, Health, and Long Life, on understanding the profound power of sexual energies

 Volume two contains:

  • Understanding Reality, a tenth-century text on the essential principles of inner alchemy
  • The Inner Teachings of Taoism, on self-transformation according to the Complete Reality school of Taoism
  • The Book of Balance and Harmony, essays, poetry, and songs about how to live a centered life
  • Practical Taoism, some of the tradition’s most accessible texts on inner alchemy

 Volume three contains:

  • Vitality, Energy Spirit, a rich and diverse sourcebook of Taoist writings from the fifth century B.C.E. through modern times
  • The Secret of the Garden Flower, a practical guide to the integration of personality that has been hailed by C. G. Jung as a key link between Eastern philosophy and contemporary psychological research
  • Immortal Sisters, the writings of six Taoist women adepts
  • Awakening to the Tao, Liu I-ming’s collection of 142 brief essays on living according to the Tao

 Volume four contains:

  • The Taoist I Ching, the classic “Book of Change” with extensive commentary by Liu I-ming
  • I Ching Mandalas, a traditional program of study that enables studies of the I Ching to achieve a deeper understanding of the venerable classic
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