The Courage to Be Present

The Courage to Be Present

Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and the Awakening of Natural Wisdom
By Karen Kissel Wegela
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Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834827318
The quality of presence a psychotherapist or counselor brings to the therapeutic relationship makes all the difference in effective treatment. With this application of Buddhist practice to psychotherapy, Karen Kissel Wegela offers mental health professionals a new perspective on bringing compassion, patience, generosity, and equanimity to their work with clients. She also shows how counselors can apply this wisdom in their own lives, and how they can help their clients to cultivate these qualities in themselves.
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"Wegela approaches her respect of Buddhism and therapeutic practices non-judgmentally, taking care not to slip into stereotype by admirably capturing the depth and complexity of the subject matter. To readers’ great benefit the author combines her vast knowledge and experience to this exceptional journey of the integration of Buddhism and psychotherapy. Therapists or not, readers are well-served by its message." —Daily Camera

"Karen Wegela brings a real understanding of the intricacies of Buddhist thought to bear on the challenge of psychotherapy. There is much wisdom here." —Mark Epstein, MD, author of Thoughts without a Thinker and Going to Pieces without Falling Apart

"Karen Wegela has found ways, carefully and compassionately, to build our confidence as we face life's challenges. She shows us how to be present in any predicament without the storylines drawn by ego to limit and scare us. Both as a therapist and as a client, I have found a wealth of skillful means in this book." —David Richo, PhD, author of The Five Things We Cannot Change

"This book will be valuable reading both for psychotherapists in training with an interest in Buddhism, and for experienced therapists who want to deepen their understanding of how Buddhist thought and practice can enhance psychotherapeutic work." —Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School, and coeditor of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

"Karen Kissel Wegela brings her long experience as a meditator, therapist, and teacher to this fine exploration of the integration of Buddhism and psychotherapy. Seemingly effortlessly, she translates profound and ancient teachings into lucid contemporary practice in a manner that is clearly stated, always grounded in embodied experience, and enhanced with heart and humor." —Gay Watson, PhD, author of Beyond Happiness and The Resonance of Emptiness

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