The Eight Gates of Zen

The Eight Gates of Zen

A Program of Zen Training
By John Daido Loori
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Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834823907

This accessible introduction to the philosophy and practice of Zen Buddhism includes a program of study that encompasses practically every aspect of life. The American Zen teacher John Daido Loori shows us that Zen practice should include not only meditation, the study of Zen literature and liturgy, and moral and ethical action, but should also manifest in work, artistic, and everyday activities. The Eight Gates are:
Zazen, a type of meditation described as "sitting Zen"
Face-to-face meetings between teacher and student
Academic study of the sutras related to Zen training, other schools of Buddhism, Buddhist history, psychology, and philosophy
Zen rites and rituals and their meaning
The moral and ethical requirements set in the Buddhist Precepts
Art practice as an extension of Zen practice
Body practice as an extension of Zen practice
Work as an active function of zazen

Beautifully illustrated with Loori's own photographs, this edition also includes a new introduction and an updated reading list.

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"This book is living testimony that the flower of the Buddha's enlightenment has crossed the Pacific Ocean unsullied and taken root in American soil." —Tricycle

"Sufficiently deep, yet clear and easy to read, this has the potential to become a fundamental handbook broadening practice in this country." —Publishers Weekly

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