The Eighth Situpa on the Third Karmapa's Mahamudra Prayer

The Eighth Situpa on the Third Karmapa's Mahamudra Prayer

Translated by Lama Sherab Dorje
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Snow Lion
ISBN: 9781559397704
Here in one compact volume are all of the stages of instruction on the path of Mahāmudrā. Included are concise and complete formal instructions on the ground, path, and fruition of this penetrating practice. This vast and profound commentary originates with the Eighth Situpa, a remarkable scholar and practitioner who is considered the most accomplished of all the Situ emanations.
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"Lama Sherab Dorje offers us an accurate and highly readable translation of this masterwork of Kagyu Buddhism . . . a text that deserves to be studied in depth." —Matthew Kapstein, author of The Tibetans

"The Mahāmudrā Prayer is one of the fundamental texts and practices of the Kagyu lineage. And here is a concise powerful exposition of every part of it by one of the regents of the lineage. . . . Reading and rereading it a little each day alongside recitation of the prayer itself may greatly enrich your practice by providing glimpses of the goal." —Thar Lam

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