Mind in Tibetan Buddhism

Mind in Tibetan Buddhism

By Lati Rinpoche
Translated by Elizabeth S. Napper
Edited by Elizabeth S. Napper
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ISBN: 9781559397650
In the great Tibetan monasteries of Lhasa, monks seeking to purify their minds and develop the understanding necessary for final enlightenment began their inquiry into mind and consciousness by studying The Presentation of Awareness and Knowledge. Through understanding the nature of the mind and the process of cognition, inner peace can be attained. This text, plus Lati Rinbochay's rich and extensive commentary, give a comprehensive explanation of the nature and function of the mind, the different types of mind and mental factors, and how we develop knowledge and understanding. In her, introduction Elizabeth Napper gives an overview of the principal divisions of consciousness and mind.
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"A valuable work written in concise form. . . . Clearly translated. The oral commentary is sparkling." —Religious Studies Review

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