The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD

The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD

An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals
By Lidia Zylowska, MD
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    An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals

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    ISBN: 9780834827707

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    Do you:
    Have trouble paying attention and staying on task?
    Suffer from disorganization, procrastination, or forgetfulness?
    Have difficulty with restlessness or trouble managing strong feelings such as anger and frustration?
    Struggle with self-doubt and difficulty following through?
    In a way that causes problems in your relationships or your work?

    If so, you may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—like an estimated 8 million adults in this country. Physician-researcher Dr. Lidia Zylowska has created an 8-step program for using mindfulness practice (attention and awareness training) to overcome the symptoms of ADHD. The program includes practices such as sitting meditation, body awareness, thoughtful speaking and listening, development of self-acceptance, mindful self-coaching, cultivation of a balanced view of thoughts and emotions, and more. Dr. Zylowska educates readers about ADHD, helping them to understand how their ADHD brain works and how they can use mindful awareness to work with their challenges. She also explains how the mindful approach can be combined with other treatments, including medications, to boost self-improvement.

    This book is accompanied by an audio program of guided mindfulness exercises for successfully managing ADHD. The introduction to the book, titled "Dear Reader," includes a link to the free downloadable audio files.

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    "A superb book, an important book, a book that breaks new ground. Anyone who is interested in the treatment of ADHD in adults must own this. Rigorous in its research, accessible in its style, convincing in its argument, and novel in its premise, this book keeps its promise of offering a reliable mindfulness prescription. I hugely recommend this book!" —Edward Hallowell, MD, author of Driven to Distraction

    "A great many people stand to benefit from Zylowska's eight-step program. Structured to be accessible for its target audience, this supportive guide to managing ADHD through mindfulness offers a clear and detailed program for putting an effective treatment in the hands of consumers and is a great contrast to the many didactic, jargon-laden self-help books available." —Shelf Awareness

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