The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook

The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook

By Tanya Petrovna
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Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834826441

When people ask Tanya Petrovna, “Are you a strict vegetarian?” she replies, “No, I’m a fun vegetarian!” The visionary behind the Native Foods chain of restaurants, Tanya is known for creating cuisine that is nutritious, organic, compassionate, and delicious. Now you can make her best recipes at home, including
Mecca Azteca Salad: quinoa and romaine topped with fresh avocado, jicama, cucumber, and mango lime vinaigrette
Mad Cowboy: barbecue soy brests topped with green onion, corn, red pepper, and ranch dressing
Jungle Boogie Bars: baked oats, bananas, chocolate, coconut, almonds, and maple syrup

The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook also contains glossaries of ingredients, utensils, and cooking methods and instructions for making your own seitan from scratch.

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"The recipes are wonderful. Each one has a twist—a surprising ingredient or presentation that lifts it out of the ordinary. . . . If you want to share your vegan enthusiasm with the rest of the world, this cookbook belongs on your shelf." —Veg News

"What I especially appreciate here is the lavish use of a very rare ingredient: joy. It’s expressed in the goofy sense of humor, the energy, and the apparently limitless enthusiasm that accompanies Tanya in her mission to get everyone to eat well without eating a bite of anything to do with animals." —from the foreword by Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and Local Flavors

"Tanya’s recipes have panache and soul, yet they are remarkably simple. Anyone who is looking to improve their diet and/or the planet will find her cookbook indispensable." —Didi Emmons, author of Vegetarian Planet and Entertaining for a Veggie Planet

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