The Philosophical View of the Great Perfection in the Tibetan Bon Religion

The Philosophical View of the Great Perfection in the Tibetan Bon Religion

By Donatella Rossi
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ISBN: 9781559399852

Dzogchen, or the Great Perfection, is considered by both the Bonpos and the followers of the Nyigma school in Tibet to be the culmination of all spiritual teachings. The philosophical view of the Great Perfection introduces the individual to the knowledge of reality, which is one with the enlightened state of all beings. In this book the Dzogchen view is presented in two Bonpo texts belonging to the revered terma (treasure) and oral traditions, here for the first time translated and critically edited in their entirety.

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"Donatella Rossi has translated and annotated two important ancient Dzogchen texts from Bon, the native religious tradition of Tibet. Her useful introduction gives a broad overview of the history of Bon as well as a brief study of the history and doctrines of the teachings of Dzogchen in Bon. The short section on methodology, which precedes a helpful examination of key Dzogchen terms, offers a succinct appraisal of the two texts presented. Donatella is to be greatly commended and thanked for her work in translating and commenting on two important Dzogchen texts, and for the valuable insights it offers." —The Mirror

"A fascinating and joyful book to recommend—perceptively edited." —Thomas Peter von Bahr, New Age Retailer

"Very interesting and . . . should attract the attention not only of specialists in this field but also of non-Tibetologist readers." —Tibet Journal

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