The Practice of Dzogchen

The Practice of Dzogchen

Longchen Rabjam's Writings on the Great Perfection
By Longchenpa
Translated by Tulku Thondup
Edited by Harold Talbott
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Snow Lion
ISBN: 9780834800137

This classic collection of texts on the meditation practice and theory of Dzogchen presents the Great Perfection through the writings of its supreme authority, the fourteenth-century Tibetan scholar and visionary Longchen Rabjam. The pinnacle of Vajrayana practice in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen embodies a system of training that awakens the intrinsic nature of the mind to reveal its original essence, utterly perfect and free from all duality—buddha nature, or buddhahood itself.

In The Practice of Dzogchen, Tulku Thondup translates essential passages from Longchen Rabjam’s voluminous writings to illuminate and clarify this teaching. He also draws on the works of later masters of the tradition, placing Dzogchen in context both in relation to other schools of Buddhism and in relation to the nine-vehicle outline of the Buddhist path described in the Nyingma tradition. This expanded edition includes Counsel for Liberation, Longchenpa’s poetic exhortation to readers to quickly enter the path of liberation, the first step toward the summit of Dzogchen practice.

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"A treasure trove for all who aspire to have a deeper understanding of the unsurpassable tantra teachings. Now with the revised and expanded edition of this timeless classic—a must-read for all students of Buddhadharma who wish to study, understand, and practice the precious Great Completion—these invaluable teachings are further enriched. The peerless teachings of the Omniscient Longchenpa, who was Manjushri in person, and the masterful and insightful translation of Tulku Thondup give us fortunate students a masterpiece that illumines the quintessential, profound teachings of Dzogpa Chenpo." —Mindrolling Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche, author of This Precious Life

"Tulku Thondup Rinpoche has performed a service of inestimable value for all serious students of Buddhist thought. One of Tibet's greatest philosopher-sages, Longchen Rabjampa, is here made accessible to the specialist and interested nonspecialist in a manner that is authoritative, comprehensive, and clear. This book fills a major gap." —Matthew Kapstein, author of The Tibetan Assimilation of Buddhism

"An invaluable guide for those who seriously wish to experience the true nature of the mind." —Parabola

"An ambitious work of contemporary Tibetan scholarship with over one hundred original sources consulted in its making. . . . May prove indispensable to any serious study of Dzogchen philosophy." —Tibet Journal

"This is one of the most significant works on Tibetan Buddhism, undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive works on the Nyingma to appear in English." —Tibetan Review

"This is one of the most significant works on Tibetan Buddhism to be published in recent years, treating with grace, beauty, and depth a most important subject, namely the character of the Dzogchen tradition and its placement within the overall structure of the Nyingma doctrine and training. An understanding of Dzogchen will benefit any philosophical or religious study of Tibetan Buddhism. This is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive works on the Nyingma to appear in English." —Glenn H. Mullin, author of From the Heart of Chenrezig

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