The Practice of Pure Awareness

The Practice of Pure Awareness

Somatic Meditation for Awakening the Sacred
By Reginald A. Ray
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    Somatic Meditation for Awakening the Sacred

  • Shambhala Publications
    ISBN: 9780834841611

    Traditional Tibet held a unique spirituality, one with a depth and power far beyond anything most modern people have experienced. At the same time, its spirituality was often obscured under a heavy overlay of Tibetan cultural assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, and practices. Sometimes, many of us think that the cultural trappings somehow are the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. Then we end up trying to force ourselves into a rigid and alien cultural mold, leading to all kinds of emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems. According to Reginald Ray, the spirituality of Tibet in its most basic and integral form is quite real; but it is not about Tibet, Buddhism, or even religion. It is about how to discover, engage, and realize our deepest and most complete humanity.

    Perhaps the most precious teaching Tibet has to offer us in the modern world is the practice of meditation. Ray presents the core and essence of this tradition through the somatic practice of Pure Awareness—a unique kind of meditation that is thoroughly grounded in the body and in ordinary experience. This fundamentally transformative practice offers the possibility of enlightenment in this present life and invites us into the immensely powerful journey that Tibetan tantric spirituality has to offer.

    The book will include links to online audio recordings of the guided meditations.

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    "Read this book and be awakened throughout your whole body. The Practice of Pure Awareness reminds us that every last part of us is meant for joy, and our whole body is as vast as the cosmos." —Adyashanti

    "The Practice of Pure Awareness combines the precision and depth of a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master with the practicality and accessibility of a true American teacher. Reginald Ray’s guidance is thorough and utterly sound; from his descriptions of awakened nature to his finely detailed meditation instruction with the emphasis on deeply embodied awareness. A student in any meditative tradition will benefit from Ray’s instruction, encouragement, and practice." —Diane Musho Hamilton, author of Everything Is Workable

    "A brilliant synthesis of traditional Vajrayana wisdom and contemporary somatics teachings, The Practice of Pure Awareness shows us that the true doorway to the dharma is not through the endless examination of the contents of the mind but through the awakening of the felt presence of the body. This is not Buddhism Lite. It’s Buddhism Essential, and Reginald Ray presents step-by-step instructions that, taken to heart, can lead you to the depths of understanding that the historical Buddha insisted was all of our birthrights." —Will Johnson, author of Aligned, Relaxed, Resilient and founder of The Institute for Embodiment Training

    "Reginald Ray offers a clear, pragmatic, and systematic guide to liberation, particularly emphasizing the importance of the body in its various energy manifestations as a vehicle for ever-deepening understanding. His long immersion in Tibetan Vajrayana practices and his many years of experience guiding others has made this work an invaluable contribution to those walking on the path to greater freedom." —Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

    "In this book, Ray presents techniques for opening our eyes or, more accurately, our bodies, so that we can discover reality as it is, without ego's distortions." —Lion's Roar

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