The Runner’s Yoga Book

The Runner’s Yoga Book

A Balanced Approach to Fitness
By Jean Couch
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Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9781930485686
The Runner’s Yoga Book is an ideal companion for the weekend or professional athlete, for the reader who wants to stretch and relax, and for the developing yoga student who wants to establish a home practice. Drawing on over thirty years of teaching and personal practice, author Jean Couch offers precise instruction in all types of poses, guidelines for home practice, yoga routines for other sports (including bicycling, skiing, swimming, tennis, and walking), a resource guide for further study, and a yoga-poses-by-alphabetical-listing index. With over 400 photographs and illustrations showing students at various levels of expertise, The Runner’s Yoga Book is a complete guide for yoga students of all ages and most levels of fitness.
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"An indispensable guide to improving performance and avoiding injuries. . . . Next to Light on Yoga, this is the most useful book available on the practice of yoga poses." —Yoga Journal

"Precise, practical, and specific advice . . . an ideal home companion. If you can't get to a class, it's the next best thing." —Runner's World

"When I want to be accurate and articulate about yoga postures, I always refer to this book. A must for your yoga library!"" —Lilias Folan, "The First Lady of Yoga"

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