The Unvarnished Gospels

The Unvarnished Gospels

Translated by Andy Gaus
 - Paperback


A Shambhala Threshold Book
Pages: 270
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 9780939660254
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This contemporary literary translation of the Gospels will give readers a remarkable new perspective on the Gospels, a feel for them that is very much like the experience of reading the original Greek in all its simplicity and conversational style. By contrast, other translations interpret the Greek through church dogmas that arose centuries after the original texts. In this edition a glossary elucidates the original meanings of key words and compares them with their conventional translations.

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"Has a freshness and power that brings the text to life in a vibrant way, is colloquial without being slangy, and maintains a wonderful rhythm that is missing in some of the recent versions. One of the year's most important books to me." —Dan Wakefield, author of Returning: A Spiritual Journey

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