The Way of Leadership

The Way of Leadership

Timeless Strategies for Success from Zen and Taoist Masters

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Shambhala Audio
ISBN: 9781590308684

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Proven to be invaluable resources for anyone in a position of power, here are three of China’s greatest classical works on leadership, warriorship, and strategy:

  • The Art of War. Read by David Warrilow. This timeless guide is perhaps the most influential book of strategy in the world today.
  • Zen Lessons. Read by Michael O’Keefe. These core teachings of China’s greatest Zen masters cover leadership and spiritual practice, decision making, how to inspire respect, and much more.
  • The Book of Leadership and Strategy. Read by David Warrilow. Written by eight Taoist masters of the early Han dynasty, this text explains how to achieve wisdom and success in any endeavor.

3 ½ hours

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"Three separate programs make up this rich collection of ancient wisdom: The Art of War by Sun Tzu; Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership by various Zen masters; and The Book of Leadership and Strategy by eight Taoist masters. Together they create a refreshing lesson on what responsible leadership requires, emphasizing personal enlightenment, social justice, and a connection with the good in everything. These are peaceful themes, and yet far from ignorant about what it takes to organize communities. A timely collection of values and strategies." —AudioFile

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