Tibetan Buddhism

A Guide to Contemplation, Meditation, and Transforming Your Mind

By Khenpo Sodargye

- Paperback
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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 256
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781645472247

Your genuine, go-to overview of Tibetan Buddhism from a leading contemporary teacher who has traversed the wisdom path.

This guide shares Tibetan Buddhist insight and tools that will benefit everyone in transforming their mind. Khenpo Sodargye, who has attracted hundreds of thousands of students worldwide with his concise, easy-to-follow teaching style, sketches the big picture of the Mahayana path in straightforward language with stories relevant to everyday life. He draws on authentic texts and teachings by renowned Buddhist masters to explain complex concepts like:

  • The Four Dharma Seals
  • Faith
  • Bodhicitta
  • The Three Supreme Methods
  • The Two Truths
  • Rebirth and karma
  • Spiritual teachers
  • The Great Perfection

This book introduces a systematic approach to studying Buddhism. Through proper listening, contemplating, and meditating, we can generate the wisdom that enables us to recognize, control, and uproot our afflictions, which is the essence of Buddhism. This book is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to learn more about the basics of Mahayana Buddhism or to strengthen the foundations of their spiritual practice.