Training the Wisdom Body

Training the Wisdom Body

Tibetan Yogic Exercise
By Rose Taylor Goldfield
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Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834828995
Sitting still in meditation may be the common image that comes to mind when one thinks of Buddhist practice—but just as important is cultivation of awareness through movement. The traditional Tibetan practice of yogic exercises known as lujong helps us connect with and explore the natural wisdom inherent in our living, breathing, feeling bodies. Lujong is an exercise that engages our whole being—body, mind, and subtle body—from the coarse aspects to the subtler and more profound. This book provides a thorough foundation for those new to the practice, and it helps people already engaged in any form of yogic exercise to deepen the potent fusion of meditation and physical movement. Included is an overview of the unique tradition of Buddhist yoga, along with instructions on how to work with the body and mind in seated meditation; tips for furthering our practice by working with adversities such as fear, procrastination, and anxiety; and guidance on bringing practice mind into daily life. The author also offers exercise instructions and a complete explanation of the movement practices, with photos to illustrate.
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"Anyone interested in the internal path of yoga or Buddhism knows that as you work with the body you can’t help but work with emotional and mental holding patterns as well. Rose Taylor Goldfield’s new book integrates the psychological aspects of practice with practical advice about staying grounded in your body. For meditators this book will help root the mind in the body, and for people familiar with physical yoga, this book will help you work with the mental chatter, old emotional patterns, and distractions that inevitably arise as you go deeper. I wish I had read this book when I started on this path." —Michael Stone, author of The Inner Tradition of Yoga

"Drawing from her in-depth immersion in Tibetan Buddhism, Rose Taylor Goldfield offers an accessible, comprehensive guide to yogic interconnection of the body, breath, and mind in a way that renders these ancient methods applicable to anyone, whether Buddhist or not." —Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga

"Rose Taylor Goldfield opens up words and ideas to shed new light on the practice of traditional Buddhist yoga. This is a clear, thoughtful, and practical book that reflects years of study and practice. It is a unique guide for anyone wanting, as Rose writes, to ‘look into their own being to fully understand themselves.’" —Elizabeth Mattis-Namgel, author of The Power of an Open Question

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