Book trailer for Little Bites: 100 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Snacks

When youêre on the go with little ones, snacks are essential. Whether itês an energetic pick-me-up after school or a nutritional boost at the playground, the 100 wholesome snacks in this book will help everyone get through the day. From Roasted Sesame Peas to Fresh Summer Rolls, Baked Apple Chips, and Mini Sweet Potato Pies, youêll find fruit- and vegetable-forward snacks here perfect for every season that are tasty, healthy, and satisfying.
Developed by two busy moms, this collection of inspired recipes is just right for active families that care about what they eat. Donêt settle for prepackaged snacks. These nutritionally dense treats are simple to make, are easy to pack, and, as a bonus, make great breakfasts, light lunches, or side dishes for dinner.
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video by Kaitlyn Bouchard

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