Mindfulness in Action Online Course with Carolyn Rose Gimian

The rewards of mindfulness practice are well proven: reduced stress, improved concentration, and an overall sense of well-being. But those benefits are just the beginning; it can also help us work more effectively with lifeês challenges, expanding our appreciation and potential for creative engagement.
In this online course, the practice of meditation will be accompanied by practices for expanding awareness in everyday activities, dissolving the boundary between meditation and everything else we do in our life. This is a course for new meditators, for those who want to deepen their meditation practice, and for mindfulness trainers and teachers. The approach is based on the mindfulness teachings of Ch_gyam Trungpa, as presented in the recent release Mindfulness in Action. The teachings presented in the course will help you:
« Establish and maintain a daily meditation practice
« Develop an appreciation for qualities such as tenderness, loneliness, and boredom that may arise on your cushion
« Recognize obstacles to being present and make them a part of your path
« Appreciate meditation practice as a celebration of your life force
« Discover how compassion arises naturally from meditation practice
« Work with emotions from a meditative stance
« Experience the shift that occurs when you bring mindfulness into your daily life
Visit shambhala.com/mindfulness for more information and to register.

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