From 840000:

At the encouragement of our friends near and far, and with the intention to celebrate not only our own tenth anniversary, but also the birthday of our Founding Chair, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, and of course the precious month of Saga Dawa, 84000 was thrilled to be able to work with composer Harry Einhorn who conceptualized and created a truly inspirational "virtual choir" giving us the basis for a beautiful 24hrs of global group recitation. We used a recently published text, The Dedication: Fulfilling All Aspirations ( that we felt really encapsulated everything we needed for this tumultuous 2020. Harry composed separate tracks which were sung by over 50 participants around the world, and skillfully edited them together to create a hypnotizing choral arrangement for this sūtra that we hope will continue to be sung far into the future. A big, big thank you to all those who participated (list below) despite hectic schedules, and to Sophie Perks who shot and gathered footage to create a beautiful visual story around all the clips she received, and creating - in record time - what we see here today! To borrow an excerpt from 84000's new aspiration prayer ( "May the endeavors of the translators and editors plant the seed of the Dharma in all directions. May the efforts of the patrons and administrators nurture and strengthen the shoot of the Dharma at all times. May the noble aspirations of this endeavor maintain and propagate the precious Dharma far and wide." With special thanks to: Harry Einhorn, Sophie Perks, Alice Lake, Claire Farman, John Canti, Wang Lang, Cabie Sim, Andrea Bringmann, Sioksian Pek, Jube Zhong, Rinchen Dema, Pilayo, Zangmo McDermott, Amy Ang, Maya, Chukie-Om Dorji, Molly DeShong, Erin McGuire, Julie Adler, ari summa, michael macioce, Richard Dixey, Phiona, Alicja Żmigrodzka, Yezi, Tashi Dos Santos, Michael Northam, Daniel Altschuler, Kathleen Pratt, Jing Rui Huang, Lynn Friedman, Paloma Fataar, Tong Zhong, Luis Santiago, Annabell von Armin, Nick Demeris, Ushnisha Ng, Diana Lim-Ong, Kellyanna Dalton, Louis Franck, Simon Thomas, Alison Wells, Chloe Campero, Lindy Pulsford, Lan Ma, Leander, Liana, Inna German, Zhang Zhenglin, Amay Balsara, Simmy Makhijani, Lauren Sanford, Fernanda Guimaraes, Yeshey Tsogyal