An introduction to Susan Aposhyan's book Heart Open, Body Awake and the embodied spirituality approach.

In this book, master somatics teacher Aposhyan presents a simple yet richly detailed four-part practice to experience this link in all its unfolding wonder: opening our hearts, feeling our bodies, allowing ourselves to move and be moved, and connecting with the world in its fullness. Aposhyan weaves together insights from a range of scientific, psychological, and spiritual traditions to present a practical path toward embodied spirituality.

Through the practices offered in Heart Open, Body Awake, your sense of spiritual wellness can become as near and palpable as your sensitive, beating heart.

Praise for Heart Open, Body Awake

"In Heart Open, Body Awake, Susan Aposhyan personally guides us along a path she knows well—a path that can awaken us to our own essential nature. The four steps of embodied spirituality that she shares are quite simple and easy to understand. The questions for the reader are also simple. Do you want to wake up to who you truly are? Do you want to recognize and support the essential nature of others? Do you want to engage in a practice that will help you feel the wonder, pain, and joy of living and the peace and release of dying? If this is your desire and your path of inquiry, reach out and take hold of this book. Susan is offering a valuable guide to embodiment practice."—Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Developer of the Body-Mind Centering® Approach to Movement and Consciousness

"With authenticity and grace, vulnerability and kindness, Susan Aposhyan weaves science, body, relationships, and so much more into an especially friendly volume that takes the reader on a journey of personal discovery and expansion. Simple practices peppered throughout the book allow us to pause and experience the wonder of her essential concepts in our own bodies. Reading Heart Open, Body Awake feels like being held, as if the book were wrapping its arms about the reader to gently coax into bloom our natural impulse for deep, connected spiritual embodiment. This treasure is Susan’s wise and unique gift to the world—it will change you if you let it."—Pat Ogden, Founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institutes

Heart Open, Body Awake

By: Susan Aposhyan

$18.95 - Paperback