The Heart of Centering Prayer: Christian Nonduality in Theory and Practice

In this day of reflection, Rev. Bourgeault opens new ground with The Cloud of Unknowing by proposing that its anonymous author, in using the word “contemplation,” is actually describing the transition to unitive or non-dual consciousness. This includes a brief exploration of what this actively entails, how this new perspective helps to clear up some of those notoriously difficult passages in The Cloud, and why centering prayer is so essential in the process.

Cosponsored by Contemplative Outreach of Boston and the School of Theology and Ministry

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault is an Episcopal priest, teacher, author, and retreat and conference leader.

In this part Rev. Bourgeault recounts the history of contemporary centering prayer. She claims that the content of the Cloud of Unknowing cannot really be understood without experiencing the practice of centering prayer, in part because it involves a change of consciousness.

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