Transforming Heart and Soul: An Online Course on the Jewish Tradition of Mussar

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At the heart of Judaism, no less fundamental than the observation of ritual and the wisdom of Jewish law, revelation, and text, is the teaching of the transformation of the heart and soul of the individual. With down-to-earth practicality, Mussar marshals the collective wisdom of the Jewish tradition to help practitioners –acquire Torah,” to internalize the wisdom of the tradition to bring about genuine transformation of the inner self.
This online course, led by Dr. Alan Morinis, founder of The Mussar Institute, introduces this extraordinary thousand-year-old tradition. Over seven weeks you will be given tools for paying attention to thoughts and reactions and for systematically developing inner characteristics or –soul traits”ãhumility, generosity, equanimity, simplicity, and trust, among many others. This practice of focused attention, along with contemplative readings and other supportive practices, allows us to harness the mind in order to elevate the soul. Each personês Mussar journey is unique, and through practice you will be able to work on and cultivate the soul traits that are on your own particular –spiritual curriculum.” We invite you to join Alan and fellow course participants as we learn from the Mussar teachings how to be fully present, conscious, and accountable right in the midst of the messiness of everyday life.

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