Warm Smiles from Cold Mountains

Warm Smiles from Cold Mountains

Dharma Talks on Zen Meditation
By Reb Anderson
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Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9781930485730
A collection of dharma talks, Warm Smiles from Cold Mountains explores the life of passionate commitment that lies at the heart of the formal practice of Zen meditation. Reb Anderson draws on over thirty years of experience as a Zen priest, exploring Buddhist yoga and psychology and the relationship of wisdom and compassion to the personal, social, and ecological crises of our time. At once inspirational and practical, he bows to an ancient tradition as he helps us to forge a modern-day Buddhism that urges us "to sit still in the middle of all living beings."
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"A gathering of wonderful stories of lineage teachers and their students, intermingled with stories from Reb's life and practice, that enliven and extend our understanding of Zen practice." —Lion's Roar

"These collected dharma talks . . . carry the scent of incense and the spaciousness of a zendo. The dignity and incisiveness of Suzuki Roshi echo in the voice of his student." —Yoga Journal

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