When Things Fall Apart: The App

New! When Things Fall Apart: The App


There is a fundamental opportunity for happiness right within our reach—yet we usually miss it, ironically, while we are caught up in attempts to escape pain and suffering. Drawn from traditional Buddhist wisdom, Pema Chödrön’s When Things Fall Apart reveals her radical and compassionate advice for what to do when things fall apart in our lives. There is only one approach to suffering that is of lasting benefit, Pema teaches, and that approach involves moving toward painful situations with friendliness and curiosity, relaxing into the essential groundlessness of our entire situation. It is there, in the midst of chaos, that we can discover indestructible truth and love.

This app includes an introduction to the When Things Fall Apart teachings by Pema, the complete audiobook read by Pema herself (2½ hours, abridged), and in-app study cards for further reflection and practice.



“Pema’s deep experience and her fresh way of looking at things are like mountain water—clear and refreshing, as good dharma should be.”—Jack Kornfield

“Pema Chödrön’s writings have been helpful to countless numbers of people trying to find some ground for their being in this chaotic world.”—Bill Moyers

“The advice Chödrön offers is radically different from other self-help prescriptions on the market. This book could serve you for a lifetime.”—Natural Health







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