Zen for Kids

50+ Mindful Activities and Stories to Shine Loving-Kindness in the World

By Laura Burges
Illustrated by Melissa Iwai

- Paperback
Bala Kids
Pages: 92
Size: 7.5 x 9.5
ISBN: 9781611809923

Zen-inspired activities and stories to help kids learn about patience, kindness, honesty, sharing, and forgiveness.

Have you ever heard the word Zen? It’s what happens when you sit quietly, noticing your breath and what it feels like to just be alive. Zen is a way of closely looking at our life and the world around us so that we can share love and compassion with everyone and everything!

Each chapter has a new story to explore, with themed discussion questions, meditations, journal prompts, and hands-on projects.

Make Zen a part of your everyday life with this fun and friendly guide!