30 Essential Yoga Poses

30 Essential Yoga Poses

For Beginning Students and Their Teachers
By Judith Hanson Lasater
 - Paperback



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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 256
Size: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 9781930485044
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In 30 Essential Yoga Poses, Judith Lasater draws on her wealth of yoga practice and teaching experience, as well as her training as a physical therapist, to present this comprehensive guide for beginning students and their teachers. The author discusses yoga’s ancient eightfold path and its relevance in today’s world, and goes to the heart of yoga—the all-important student-teacher relationship. Thirty essential yoga poses (asana), their variations, and breathing practices (pranayama) are also provided, with guidance for the student practicing at home, and points for the classroom teacher. Sequences are presented with photographic charts for easy visual reference, and a “Mantra for Daily Practice” and glossary of anatomical terms and resources for further study are also included.
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"Beginning yoga students and teachers will love this book. (And by the way, who isn't a beginner when it comes to yoga's core postures?) Judith Lasater has given us the basics, which are elegantly presented. She is a master of subtle detail, and writes with the consciousness of a highly skilled teacher who really loves what she does. What could be better? This book should be in the hands of every beginning student." —Stephen Cope, L.I.C.W., author of Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

"In 30 Essential Yoga Poses, Judith Lasater has distilled her immense knowledge of yoga into a clear presentation that any student can use to deepen his or her practice, thereby gaining more radiant health and accessing a pathway to self-discovery. May this book lead student and teacher alike to the highest experience that yoga can offer." —John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

"Judith Lasater shares the treasure trove of wisdom, insight, and experience that she has gained through years of devoted teaching and service. Beautifully organized, 30 Essential Yoga Poses is destined to be a classic, timeless resource for both student and teacher." —Lilias Folan, host of the PBS series Lilias, Yoga and You

"Once again, Judith Lasater has come through with an inspiring and informative book for students and teachers! For me, her compassionate presentation of the ethical responsibilities in the student-teacher relationship raises the professional bar, supporting those of us who teach to let yoga be the most that it can be. And her "Mantras for Daily Practice" give us overachievers permission to find balance with yoga." —Elise Browning Miller, coauthor of Life Is a Stretch

"I have high praise for Judith Lasater's 30 Essential Yoga Poses. This is the one book that I definitely want for my library. I enjoy how Judith skillfully weaves a tapestry of practical guidelines for beginning students and comprehensive instruction for their teachers. She untangles the complexities of hatha yoga, writing in clear and concise language for which we--beginning to advanced students and teachers--will benefit for years to come. Kudos and thanks, Judith. Your wisdom and teachings are our yoga community's gain." —Richard C. Miller, PhD, author of Infinite Awakening Yoga Nature

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