As Long as Space Endures

Essays on the Kalacakra Tantra in Honor of H.H. the Dalai Lama

Edited by Edward A. Arnold
By Alexander Berzin
Foreword by Robert A. F. Thurman
By Giacomella Orofino
By Phillip Lesco
By Francesco Sferra
By Laura Harrington
By Gavin Kilty
By Miranda Shaw
By Glenn Wallis
By Vesna A. Wallace
By David B. Gray
By Urban Hammar
By Michael Sheehy
By Edward Henning
By Georgios T. Halkias
By David Reigle
By Thupten Jinpa
By Joe Loizzo
By Ivette Vargas
By William C. Bushell
By Sofia Stril-Rever
By Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim
By Geshe Drakpa Gelek
By Jhado Rinpoche

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Pages: 479
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ISBN: 9781559393300

The Kalacakra Tantra (Kalacakra means "wheel of time") is a tradition of Buddhist theory and practice whose root text treats a fantastic expanse of knowledge ranging from observations of the cosmos to investigations of meditative states and vital bodily energies. In the Tibetan-speaking world, a public Kalacakra initiation remains the most sought-after event in the life of a devout Buddhist.

The Fourteenth Dalai Lama has long had a strong connection with the Kalacakra Tantra; he brought the initiation to the West in 1981, performing it in the United States, Switzerland, Spain, and Australia. This volume has been created to celebrate his long involvement with the Kalacakra teachings. The twenty-five contributors, scholars who have made tantric studies their specialty, have contributed translations of works by great Indian and Tibetan Kalacakra masters, analyses of historical figures, methods of practice, essays on medicine ritual expertise, and ethical discipline. The collection also includes practical advice for Western students and practitioners from contemporary Tibetan Kalacakra masters.