Befriending Your Body

Befriending Your Body

A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself from Disordered Eating
By Ann Saffi Biasetti
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    A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself from Disordered Eating

  • Shambhala Publications
    ISBN: 9780834841468

    Those who struggle with disordered eating often find themselves in an unrelenting cycle of harsh self-judgment, painful emotions, and harmful behaviors. Seeing the body as an adversary, these patterns can lead many people to become withdrawn or isolated. Ann Saffi Biasetti’s powerful holistic approach to liberating people from disordered eating focuses on growing self-compassion and embodiment. This insight, informed by yoga and mindfulness meditation, views the body not just as something to be healed or restored but as a source of great wisdom and knowledge.

    Dr. Biasetti offers yoga-based movement, body-awareness practices, meditations, and journaling exercises to help release long-held habits of self-criticism and perfectionism. Her step-by-step program will rebuild self-compassion, self-care, body awareness, acceptance, and connection to the self and to others.

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    "Dr. Biasetti’s work hits the sweet spot where self-compassion training and eating disorder recovery intersect—the body—and she shows how compassionate, embodied awareness heals." —Christopher Germer, PhD, author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

    "While not minimizing the challenges involved, Ann Saffi Biasetti provides encouragement and hope that through the practice of self-compassion and embodiment, recovery from disordered eating can happen." —Laura Weisberg, PhD, assistant professor, Duke Center for Eating Disorders, Duke University Medical Center

    "Ann Saffi Biasetti, like all the best teachers of self-compassion, shares her teaching through her loving connected presence. You can feel it when you are in her presence, and you can feel it in the pages of this warm, supportive, and encouraging book. Drawing upon the latest science related to self-compassion and its role in well-being, wellness, and health, Ann weaves this knowledge and wisdom into a practical guide to finding a new relationship between you and you: the most important (and often the most conflicted) relationship a human being can have. Ann teaches how having a warm and encouraging relationship with ourselves can then allow us to make change, not because we aren’t good enough as we are, but because we long for something better. Reading this book is motivating, encouraging, inspiring, and most of all, compassionate. You’ll be glad you followed this path with the author." —Steven D. Hickman, PsyD, associate clinical professor, University of California at San Diego, executive director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, and founding director of the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

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