1. Having a Clear Intention in Conversation

    Having a Clear Intention in Conversation
    Navigating Difficult Conversations An excerpt from Compassionate Conversations Intention and Conversation Having a clear intention will literally help us navigate our conversations when we encounter difficult terrain. To enter a conversation (other than one that is simply social) without an intention is like walking into the wilderness without a compass. And yet we engage in conversations [...]
  2. On Compassionate Conversations

    On Compassionate Conversations
    A Foreword to Compassionate Conversations by Ken Wilber One of the most gratifying and encouraging developments on the recent cultural scene is that, after literally decades of polarizing and increasingly nasty culture wars, there are individuals who do not simply join in the fray and thus only contribute to the mess, but rather have started to [...]
  3. "Radical Compassion" Free eBook

    "Radical Compassion" Free eBook
    This free eBook is available from the following vendors: Amazon Apple Kobo Nook What is compassion? Much more than just being nice, compassion is about looking deeply at ourselves and others and recognizing the fundamental goodness we all share. It’s about opening up to the vulnerable space inside every one of us and letting our [...]
  4. Skillful Communication in a Digital Age

    Skillful Communication in a Digital Age
    By Taylor Sumner Student Intern, Prajna Studios I feel so frustrated by my habit of reaching for my phone the moment I open my eyes. Something about the blue-white light, the information, the advertisements in the space I use to rest and reset feels wrong. Starting my day with such a wave of content feels [...]
  5. A Reader’s Guide to Graduation

    A Reader’s Guide to Graduation
    Graduation means many different things: it means endings as well as new beginnings, celebrations as well as new challenges, uncertainties as well as excitements. This little collection of books—on relationships, change, festivities, and more—will help grads and the people who love them to navigate their rite of passage with grace and support. A LITTLE BOOK [...]

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