1. Marpa: A Reader's Guide

    Marpa: A Reader's Guide
    Marpa Learn More A Reader's Guide to the Great Lotsawa Marpa: A Guide for Readers Related Reader Guides: Profiles of early Indian Mahayana figures | Tibetan Masters of the 8th Century | Tibetan Masters of the 10th-11th Centuries The Kagyu Tradition | Karma Kagyu | Drikiung Kagyu | Drukpa Kagyu | Shangpa Kagyu Tilopa | Naropa | Marpa | [...]
  2. The Life of Jigten Sumgön, an excerpt

    The Life of Jigten Sumgön, an excerpt
    by Drigung Kyabgön Padmai Gyältsen [An excerpt from Opening the Treasure of the Profound: Teachings on the Songs of Jigten Sumgon and Milarepa] OM SVASTI The victorious Shakya saw the five sights. He showed the victorious path, and, to expand the teachings, took birth again as the victorious regent Ratna Shri. I prostrate to him. Opening [...]
  3. The Drikung Kagyu: A Reader's Guide

    The Drikung Kagyu: A Reader's Guide
    What follows is a guide to some of our books and other resources available on Shambhala.com that relate to the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The Drikung lineage comes from Marpa, Milarepa, and Gampopa through Phagmo Drupa and Jigten Sumgön, who is considered the root of the tradition. His most famous work, the Gongchik, or “Single [...]

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