Guided Buddhist Meditations

by Thubten Chodron

The meditation teachings of lamrim (also known as the “stages of the path”) present a step-by-step method to tame the mind, a method through which anyone can find insight and meaning, according to their own level of understanding. With consistent practice, the practitioner’s comprehension and experience deepens, while the words used to spark meditation sessions remain the same.

This audio program presents over fourteen hours of guided meditations, accompanied by personal guidance that will be especially useful for those with limited access to Buddhist teachers or Dharma centers. Perfect for both the inexperienced and advanced practitioner, this program supports the listener in beginning, continuing, and deepening a daily meditation practice.

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Table of Contents

A1.   Introduction (6:44)
A2.   Meditation on the Buddha (37:42)
A3.   Breathing Meditation (17:21)
A4.   Recitations (6:15)
A5.   Dedication (2:46)

Introduction to the Buddhist View
B1.   Mind is the Source of Happiness and Pain (10:33)
B2.   Taking the Ache out of Attachment (16:07)
B3.   Transforming Attachment (17:01)
B4.   The Nature of Mind (14:34)
B5.   Mind and Rebirth (15:38)
B6.   The Four Noble Truths (17:22)
B7.   The Three Characteristics (20:41)

The Path in Common with the Initial Level Practitioner
C1.   Precious Human Life (16:56)
C2.   The Purpose and Opportunity of a Precious Human Life (14:49)
C3.   The Rarity and Difficulty of Attaining a Precious Human Life (20:22)
C4.   The Eight Worldly Concerns (20:28)
D1.   The Nine-Point Death Meditation (34:16)
D2.   Imagining Our Death (21:29)
D3.   Refuge (24:35)
D4.   Karma (15:46)
D5.   The Ten Destructive Actions (25:05)
D6.   The Ten Constructive Actions (17:42)
D7.   The Results of Karma (28:29)
D8.   Four Opponent Powers for Purification (14:57)

The Path in Common with the Middle Level Practitioner
E1.   The Eight Sufferings of Human Beings (20:13)
E2.   The Six Sufferings of Cyclic Existence (13:39)
E3.   The Causes of Cyclic Existence (38:27)
E4.   Factors that Stimulate the Arising of Mental Afflictions (17:33)
E5.   The Paths that Cease Disturbing Attitudes, Negative Emotions, and Karma (18:26)

The Path of the Advanced Practitioner
F1.   Equanimity (14:23)
F2.   Seeing all Sentient Beings as Having Been Our Parents (20:54)
F3.   The Kindness of Others (14:30)
F4.   Equalizing Self and Others (24:52)
F5.   The Disadvantages of Self-Centeredness (19:53)
F6.   The Advantages of Cherishing Others (13:46)
F7.   Love (12:54)
F8.   Compassion (18:37)
F9.   Taking and Giving, the Great Resolve, and the Altruistic Intention (Bodhicitta) (18:12)
G1.   Far-Reaching Generosity (11:51)
G2.   Far-Reaching Ethical Conduct (17:33)
G3.   Far-Reaching Patience: The Disadvantages of Anger (14:33)
G4.   Far-Reaching Patience: The Antidotes to Anger (19:10)
G5.   Far-Reaching Joyous Effort (18:59)
G6.   Far-Reaching Concentration (12:03)
G7.   Far-Reaching Wisdom: Dependent Arising (14:56)
G8.   Far-Reaching Wisdom: Emptiness (24:38)
G9.   How to Rely on a Spiritual Mentor (30:01)

Please note: Some meditations which are on one track on the audio recording are divided into two or more meditations in the chapter, “Lamrim Meditation Outlines.”

These audio files accompany the book Guided Buddhist Meditations, copyright © 2007 by Thubten Chodron, published by Snow Lion, an imprint of Shambhala Publications.

Guided Buddhist Meditations

Taught by: H.H. the Fourteenth Dalai Lama & Thubten Chodron

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