Hidden Treasure - A Guided Tour to the Collected Workks or C.G. Jung

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A Guided Tour of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung

by Robert Hopcke

When people get their heads rearranged by Jung--sometimes after reading his Man and His Symbols-it often instills in them a craving for more writings of the founder of analytical psychology. But they hit a roadblock: Jung's Collected Works run to more than eighteen volumes! Do you need a PhD in Jungian studies just to know where to start? Not if you have this little book. Rob Hopcke breaks the Collected Works down by key concept-from archetypes to dreams to UFOS-providing a brief summary of Jung's thinking on each topic, then showing you first where to get started in the Works, then where to proceed to go deeper. He then provides a list of secondary sources for further exploration.