Letters to Vanessa

On Love, Science, and Awareness in an Enchanted World

By Jeremy Hayward

- Paperback
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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 256
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781570620775

The world we inhabit is enchanted—every tree, rock, and star, and even "empty" space itself, is teeming with living energy and awareness. And it's all nearer to us than our own breath. Why, then, can't we see it? Because, according to Jeremy Hayward, we are taught not to. And because our cultural conditioning keeps us in denial about the fact that a strictly scientific worldview provides only a partial, and unsatisfactory, view of reality.

Letters to Vanessa is the guidebook for a generation caught in the crunch between the hard realities of science and the genuine yearning for an experience of the sacred. In a series of letters addressed to his teenage daughter, Dr. Hayward points the way past the limits of science and shows how we can connect with the magical, multidimensional universe of soul. Along the way he presents the most recent findings of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, new biology, and physics in a most engaging and understandable way. He also provides practical meditation instructions that will enable everyone to reconnect with the joyous reality of ordinary life.