In our second On Translation video series cosponsored with the Tsadra Foundation, we are pleased to share this recording of Sarah Harding (Naropa University and the Tsadra Foundation) & Larry Mermelstein (Nalanda Translation Committee).

This session is for any student, practitioner, or translator of Tibetan Buddhism and is an opportunity to enter the world of translators of the Buddhadharma with two of the most experienced Tibetan translators. Most people encounter the Buddhist teachings through translations of texts, so like it or not, the translator is indispensible. However, translators are not always appreciated and many debates about style and approach still rage on. Students and practitioners engaging in the Tibetan language will be especially interested in this dialogue with Sarah and Larry as they discuss their lives as full-time translators and address three critical topics: literal versus creative translation (or “dharmanese” versus idiomatic); group translation under a lama or in relative isolation; target audience: restricted or scholarly translations.

See also, On Translation with Wulstan Fletcher of the Padmakara Translation Group in conversation with Holly Gayley of the University of Colorado


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