Quiet Mind

A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Edited by Susan Piver

- Hardcover
Shambhala Publications
Pages: 128
Size: 5.5 x 6.25
ISBN: 9781590305973

This unique book-and-audio program brings together some of the country's most beloved meditation teachers. Each contributor presents a short written teaching along with an audio recording of a guided practice. Quiet Mind features:

  • Sakyong Mipham on shamatha, the practice of tranquillity
  • Larry Rosenberg on vipassana, the practice of clear seeing
  • Edward Espe Brown on zazen, the practice of freedom
  • Sharon Salzberg on metta, the practice of lovingkindness
  • Judith Lief on tonglen, the practice of transformation
  • Tulku Thondup on healing the body and mind through meditation
  • Yoga teacher Richard Faulds on the link between yoga and meditation

Includes a 78-minute CD.