The following article is from the Autumn, 2002 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

The five member Vajra Vidya Retreat Board have a preliminary design, which is shown here. At present the following is planned:

The completed retreat center will have two wings of 10 retreat rooms each. These wings will also have quarters for a Khenpo on one side and nuns on the other. The nuns will have completed three-year retreat and will be giving the retreatants practice instructions. In the floor below these wings will be a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, laundry, office, and conference room. Below the central shrine room will be the Library of Ancient Wisdom. Retreatants will be doing practices of varying lengths and types in their own rooms and will come together for morning and evening prayers and meals.

A second goal of the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center is to collect the ancient spiritual teachings and make them widely available. Collecting and purchasing these manuscripts in the traditional way is very expensive. Thus housing them in Crestone in digitized form will make the Library of Ancient Wisdom accessible to the world through the use of the Internet. This is being done in only a few places so it adds the extraordinary dimension of ancient teachings being available to the world. There will be a need for people with knowledge and experience in modem computer technology.

How You Can Help

To date they have raised over $141,000 combined in actual donations and in pledges and the goal is to raise another $250,000 so that building can start in April of 2003. If this goal is reached the North wing consisting of 10 individual retreat rooms and all the support facilities will be built to have a retreat center functioning by the end of 2003.

Contact: Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, Clark or Pat Johnson, PO Box 1083, Crestone, CO Phone: (719) 256-5237 [email protected]