The following article is from the Spring, 1988 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

Documenting the Teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist Masters

Since 1959 Tibetan Buddhist masters have travelled to the West, teaching extensively and establishing Buddhist centers throughout the world. However, in recent years, many of the great teachers have passed away, taking with them their unique understanding of the Dharma. In 1986, His Holiness the Dalai Lama suggested as a matter of urgency that the Meridian Trust document the teachings of many of the remaining older Lamas living both in India and the West as a resource for Buddhist scholars in the future. In the long term, some of these teachings will be translated into English. A project was set up whereby the Meridian Trust would intensify its committment to preserving the oral teachings of the Tibetan tradition by donating further video equipment and video tapes to the Tibetan communities in India and providing facilities to train Tibetans in all aspects of video production. A London businessman generously agreed to donate a salary for a five-year period so that a Tibetan in India could co-ordinate the project.

In March 1987, Meridian Trust personnel went to India for an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and meetings with members of the Tibetan Government-in-exile. Great priority was given to the projectthree areas in India were designated to be allocated video equipment, and a Project Co-ordinator selected to research and supervise the video-taping.


H.H. Song Rinpoche

The project will cover a 5-year period, and will, in fact, not merely be limited to video-recording the teachings of masters of the four Tibetan Buddhist traditions both in India and the West, but will include masters of the ancient Bon tradition and significant cultural events as well as teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Meridian Trust urgently seeks your donations towards this project. Contributions may be sent to The Meridian Trust, 330 Harrow Road, London W9 2HP England.


Namkhai Narbu


H.H. Sakya Trizm